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Welcome to South Dakota VFW Baseball

There are six main sections or pages to this site:

HOME, which you are on right now. This is for information concerning the website and ongoing information.

REGISTRATION: please go to this page and three types of registration forms should appear. Choose the one you want and continue to register your team. Please follow the instructions  under the “HOW TO ENTER” to enter your team. All information with a “*” is required to be filled out before your registration form can be completed. Under the Class selection you must entry AA Minor, AA Major, Class A, Class B or other. If your team played last season, enter the class you were in last year. If your team did not participate last year or you are a new team, please select the “other” selection.

TEAMS/REGION: this is where teams that are currently registered will be placed under the appropriate division and class. Then after the registration is completed they will be placed in their regions or state tournament pools.

TOURNAMENTS: this is where you can find information on all our state tournaments and the tournament check. It will have tournament locations, dates, times and the names of tournament directors.

RULES: this is where the rules are listed for the Varsity and 13-14 year division, 12 and under division, 10 and under division, other rules and release form.

INSURANCE: if you choose to purchase insurance through the South Dakota VFW plan please select the appropriate plan and contact Boen and Associate’s.

In the upper right hand corner of the HOME you will find three items listed: History, Commissioners and Contacts. Most of these items have been updated and if you see something that needs to be corrected, please contact us.

MINUTES: We have one more item to clarify from the 2017 Annual Baseball Meeting and the minutes will be posted.

We wish you all a successful baseball summer in 2017